Don’t Be A Turkey! Tips To Avoid A Thanksgiving DUI

November 21, 2016 Blog

Can’t you imagine getting a DUI on Thanksgiving? Can you say, “Thanks but no thanks?” Even though you can’t conceive of it, your odds of getting a DUI on Thanksgiving are higher than almost any other time during the year.

For many, the festivities begin on Thanksgiving Eve. As businesses close early and families begin to welcome out-of-town guests and beloved family members and others hit the road, the good cheer warms everyone – with a little help from the alcohol that typically starts to flow! Police officers are well aware of the increased chance that people will drive under the influence during Thanksgiving and step up their game accordingly.

Here at the Misdemeanor Clinic, we know Good People Can Have Bad Days – but that doesn’t mean we ever want you to have a Bad Day! Below are a few handy suggestions to help you keep things in check over Thanksgiving and make sure your Thanksgiving holiday is the best ever:

Always Have a Designated Driver

If you know you are going to be drinking over the Thanksgiving holiday, make sure there is always a friend or family member who will abstain from alcohol and volunteer to be a designated driver should anyone need help getting home. Many people like to depend on a senior member of the household such as a grandmother or a teetotaler aunt. Make these arrangements in advance and talk to your family members to find out who plans to drink and who plans to abstain.

Car Service

A sure-fire way to make sure you don’t end up behind the wheel of a car on Thanksgiving is to use one of the many available car services so popular these days such as Uber or Lyft or even an old-fashioned taxi service. Although this isn’t always the most cost-effective way to go, when you compare it to the cost of defending yourself against a DUI charge – well, you do the math!

If you need your car in the morning and must have it with you, there are services available that will drive your car for you. Check out the National Directory of Designated Driver Services provided by The Directory lists a number of services available in Palm Beach County. Visit

Know Your Checkpoints

Even if you have been drinking just a little and are sure that your Blood Alcohol Level is under the legal limit, you still don’t want to have the hassle and delay of going through a DUI checkpoint. A brief search online should reveal the location of these checkpoints so that you can avoid driving smack into the middle of one. An excellent resource for checking DUI checkpoints is
What If Everyone’s Drunk and I Can’t Afford a Ride?

As mentioned above, Uber, Lyft or a cab service are often costly depending on how far you have to travel. One great resource (if you are a member) is AAA’s Holiday Safe Ride Program. The program, in certain areas, will pick up a member and tow their car home for free. To check to see if your area participates, go to: Another alternative is to search in advance any free pickup services in your area and make sure you program their number into your phone.

If you have arrested for DUI in South Florida, contact the Misdemeanor Clinic. We are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and yes, we can even help on Thanksgiving! Call us at (561) 621-0020 or visit our website at

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