When filing a Petition for Post-Conviction Relief (PCR), it is critical that you obtain the assistance of experienced counsel. The legal professionals at the Post-Conviction Relief Clinic are well-versed in PCRs and provide exceptional advocacy for persons seeking assistance with their conviction. 

Post-Conviction Relief in Florida

Being convicted of a crime in Florida does not mean that there are no legal remedies left available to you. Even after the loss of a direct appeal, there still exists the ability to file for PCR. Rule 3.850 of the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure establishes PCR actions and addresses how and when they can be filed. Under normal circumstances, a PCR is filed in the trial court to address issues that may have been unclear during the original case. Unlike an appeal, a PCR acts as a motion and does not speak to issues that are already on the record in the original case.

How the Post-Conviction Relief Clinic Can Help You

At the Post-Conviction Relief Clinic, we provide the following:

Case Review

There are certain issues that can be addressed in PCRs. We are able to review your conviction and the record of your case to determine If there are any issues that can and should be addressed in your PCR Petition. Some of the most common grounds for a PCR action are:

  • Ineffective counsel during the original case
  • New evidence
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • DNA proof of innocence

Court Representation

Should the need arise for an evidentiary hearing we will be there to ensure your case is argued zealously and you are given the best chance to win your Petition. This hearing is highly technical and we have the knowledge, training and experience to effectively argue your rights.

Federal Remedies & Statutes of Limitations

There exists a federal law that addresses the same issues as the Florida PCR Rule. Our attorneys can determine if it is in your best interest to pursue relief under the federal law as well. In addition, for the PCR Petition and the federal law in question, there are applicable statutes of limitations that cannot be missed. We will make certain that all necessary steps are taken and documents filed before the applicable time limits expire.  

Filing a PCR is a complicated process and may very well be your last chance to have your sentence vacated. Call today to speak with legal counsel that understands the methods and procedures involved in filing and pursuing a successful PCR. With compassion for your unique situation, we will ensure you receive the best representation possible. Contact our legal professions today to schedule your free consultation.

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