The Serious Consequences Of Domestic Violence Arrests & Convictions In Florida

December 28, 2021 Domestic Violence

What Happens If You Get Convicted Or Arrested For Domestic Violence?

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you need a Miami criminal defense lawyer with experience and a history of success. Not only are there significant criminal consequences for domestic violence arrest and conviction, but the effects can spread to other areas of life, such as damage to your professional career, difficulty finding housing, inability to volunteer with organizations, limited opportunities, and lost interpersonal relationships.

What Happens If You Get Convicted Or Arrested For Domestic Violence In Miami, FL

Defining Domestic Violence

Generally speaking, domestic violence is described as aggressive behavior toward any of the following family members:

  • Current or past spouses
  • People who are related by blood or marriage
  • People who were or are living together as if in a family situation
  • People who share a child, regardless of whether they were or are married

According to Florida state statute 741.28, charges of domestic violence requires that the people involved either currently or previously lived together in the same household. The only exception is parents who have a child in common.

Consequences Of Domestic Violence In Miami

If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence in Miami, it’s crucial to contact a qualified Miami criminal defense lawyer immediately so you can get the representation you need. People who have been charged with domestic violence can face a variety of consequences including jail time, restraining orders, and fines, depending upon the circumstances and conviction. These penalties vary significantly based on the details of the situation and exact charges or convictions. Punishments may range from only a restraining order to a third-degree felony or even more severe, depending upon the severity of the alleged victim’s injuries. In the state of Florida, a conviction of a misdemeanor battery charge can be punished with a one year sentence in jail. The maximum punishment for a third-degree felony is five years in prison along with repercussions for voting and firearm possession. Frequently, there are social and professional consequences for being convicted of a felony.

Additionally, courts frequently require strict probation requirements, such as mandated anger management classes or treatment for alcohol abuse. Beyond legal consequences, a domestic violence conviction can make it difficult to find housing or become employed, and can also have a significant cost on family and personal relationships.

People who plead guilty or no contest to a domestic violence charge will have a permanent record that can never be expunged. This means it will come up every time you need a criminal background check. Unfortunately, a record of domestic violence will impact legal agreements such as child custody or parenting arrangements, and will also limit your opportunities, damage your relationships, and be economically expensive. It’s imperative that you contact a Miami domestic violence lawyer before talking to police or entering a plea in a legal case.

Qualified Criminal Defense Lawyers In Miami

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